Sweet Teensy Bakery was started in Boise, Idaho back in 2008 (my nickname as a child was Teensy). The bakery was relocated in 2010 to a commercial kitchen in Bethesda, Maryland with a vision for a bakery that offered superior baked goods and other foods—made from scratch with only premium ingredients— as well as exceptional customer service — a relationship with customers that is friendly, courteous, and responsive.


Years ago, I set out to create the perfect recipe for each of my cookie and custom cake products. Dozens of test samples later, I identified the perfect combination of ingredients for each item: a luscious blend that creates a delight in every bite.

Sweet Teensy baked goods are free of preservatives.


Cooking and baking are at the heart of my family in which I was raised. Recipes have been perfected and shared over time. These foods and wonderful new creations are part of the growing menu of sweet and savory fare at Sweet Teensy Bakery, each product artfully packaged like handcrafted gift to share with your own family, friends, and associates.





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